Sedona Elopement at L’auberge de Sedona | Destination Elopement Photographer Kelly Cameron

 Melissa called me a few months ago, asking if I’d be their photographer for their New Year’s Eve elopement at the beautiful resort, L’auberge de Sedona.  Have you ever been to this area before?  It’s breathtaking!  Many folks told me this place was magical and I concur.  It’s simply amazing -as this whole experience has been.  I was so excited to launch this new website in conjunction with this trip -the best way imaginable for kicking off a brand new everything!  Please join me in this glimpse inside a beautiful, intimate wedding at this stunning resort.

A gift from Melissa’s cousin, the leis were a very special surprise waiting in their room.  The leaf garland is what kings would wear and the flowers threading her lei are very rare, incredibly fragrant and delicate.  They were STUNNING and touched the couple deeply.  Melissa was a competitive hula dancer for years and the cousin who gifted the leis is very close to her.

Melissa+Kirk changed into a cozy ensemble -so fitting for this elegant, earthy resort- for a relaxed portrait session.  So many beautiful places to shoot here at L’auberge de Sedona!

Back to the room to change and….a VERY special gift.  Melissa performed a hula she choreographed for Kirk, who had never seen her dance before.  This tops all the wedding gifts I’ve ever seen.

It was amazing; such an intimate, beautiful expression of love!

There was a slight mix up with the flowers.  So, we made the most of it!  Melissa pins Kirk’s corsage on -I think it looks rather dashing on the sweater, don’t you?

 Melissa’s bouquet filled with exotic flowers -orchids are her favorite.

Now, wasn’t that a great idea?  Who’s next? 🙂

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