Sunrise Elopement at The Vineyard at Florence, TX | Georgetown Photographer Kelly Cameron

Lori+Blake had an incredibly unique, intimate and stunning elopement/wedding at The Vineyard at Florence in Florence, TX.  They joined together in celebration along with their family and closest friends for a 4:44am wedding in the courtyard of one of The Vineyard’s beautiful villas.  With Blake being a through and through Aggie (Texas A&M,) the wedding colors reflected his alma mater.  Everyone -bride, groom and guests- wore shades of Aggie spirit in swanky pajamas during the ceremony, then enjoyed a celebratory breakfast in the villa’s spacious grandeur.

Lori, Blake and the two young daughters dressed in wedding attire and we had a stunning sunrise session amongst the lush vineyards.

I have always wanted to do a sunrise shoot and this was an amazing chance to literally capture Lori’s bridal glow!

One of the things I loved most about Lori+Blake’s wedding was that they created a celebration that was completely “them.”  Unique, intimate, elegant, fun and gloriously different from any other wedding I’ve seen.  I’m a big fan of intimate weddings -we had one when Brian and I married nearly 8 years ago.  Elopements and small weddings are excellent choices for couples who want to still have a gorgeous wedding, but get married without the long engagement and stress of planning a party for 200+ people.  If you’re contemplating eloping or want to have a small wedding but still have it filled with all of those beautiful touches, I have been helping so many couples preserve their memories and their budgets.  Give me a call and we’ll talk more about your beautiful day!  512-639-6908

I look forward to hearing more about your plans and would love to help capture your Love+Life.

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