Elegant & Simple Elopement in New Braunfels | Kork Wine Bar | Kelly Cameron Photography

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The long engagement, the short wedding.  After years of knowing they were soul mates, Jeff and Debra planned their wedding in virtually one week.  It had the trimmings of elegance with the casual grace of simplicity.  Surrounded by an intimate and joyous gathering of close friends and family, the admiration and love for this beautiful couple was tangible.  Love radiated through this gathering.

They had an intimate ceremony at the gazebo in downtown New Braunfels, followed  by a reception at the jazzy wine bar, Kork.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Mother and son.  He gave her away in the ceremony -it was simply precious!

And that’s how you do it.  Short, simple and very sweet.  Everyone enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere while the bride and groom had a chance to truly visit with their guests and celebrate together.  What you’re looking at is the modern day elopement at it’s best.  Yes, they’d planned on this day for years, but let’s keep the fuss down.  Let’s make it simple, but have a wonderful time.  Why don’t we elope?

That’s the best idea you’ve had in years, Dear.

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