Elope in Cabo San Lucas // Destination Elopement // Kelly Cameron Photography

MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 46

I know.
“Who can afford a destination wedding -and the logistics?! (palm to face.)”

Yeah, but.  First off, it’s basically a planned elopement featuring only those dedicated enough to make the trip.  (Wait ’til you here about the reception at home you’ll get thrown -read on.) By it’s very nature, it’s going to be small and intimate.  Besides, you’re providing a reason for them to actually go onvacation.  (They’re secretly thanking you.)
MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 142

just got back from Missy+Steve’s wedding in Los Cabo/Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  They brilliantly asked their guests (who amazed them with a turn out of 90) to wear all white while they chose tones inspired by the dulcet surf.

Oh! And another cool thing -different families/couples hosted cocktail parties each night in order to spread around the expense of entertaining.  Isn’t that brilliant?


MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 3

Here’s some destination wedding planning gems I wanted to share:

  • The best parties are the ones where you can enjoy the company of the guests you’ve invited. (Smaller can be sweeter)
  • Most hotels at destination locations have destination wedding packages.  They do it a lot. Because? It’s a great idea.
  • Like most everything in life, from cars to condoms, you get what you pay for.  Missy+Steve wanted above average photography and opted to not have the “photographer” included in the package deal.  They were ridiculously happy with the results -and, I admit, I was so delighted to be there!

MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 12

You’ve got a lot to work with.

Because destination weddings are typically chosen because of their immense beauty surrounding the area, you’ve got so much to work with!  Plus, you’ve just rolled your wedding and honeymoon into one -and the celebration is centered around, well, actually celebrating!

What happens too often with traditional weddings:

Stress, stress, stress, planning, stress, stress, stress, wedding day, wait -it’s over?  What now?

MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 1

BONUS: The At-Home Reception

So you go and celebrate your wedding and everyone gets a vacation and then?
Then, the folks who couldn’t come but still want to say “hip hip HOORAY!” with you get to throw you a reception.
Yep, you read that right.  THEY through you the reception.

And here’s how you do it.

You invite them all to celebrate with you and -in the spirit of community and love- ask them to bring something to share while you take the time to walk around and visit with everyone as you nibble and show off wedding rings.
Try Brunch.  Brunch is easy to potluck.

MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 14

Their Story:

She spied the ring at the shop and swooned.  Steve came over and saw it.  Yes, it was dazzling, just like her.  And he wanted to gift it to her.  But he had a very special stipulation.  One that they’d casually batted around through the many years they’d been building a life together, but it wasn’t something either expected.

“You can have the ring.  If… you marry me.”

Oh my goodness!  What?!  Missy was taken aback.  Well, where would we get married, what size of a wedding, what would this celebration look like? Discussion began.

MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 2

“Well.  It’d have to be in Cabo.”  She said.  They had a property there and her favorite time of the year to visit was February.

“Okay,” Steve agreed, “But, Honey, I don’t want you to be disappointed if not too many people can make it.”

And thus it began.  The preparations of the most love-infused wedding weekend the world has known in the luxurious setting of Los Cabos commenced.  And the guests poured in from all across the USA and Canada.  No less than 90 of them.

MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 8

Yes, the accommodations at Villa La Estancia were phenomenal.  Yes, the people were gorgeous.  Yes, the surrounding was epically beautiful.

But what stood out the most -the most- and what was constantly on the lips of everyone in attendance was the spirit of love and graciousness that started with Missy+Steve and simply radiated out.  Folks, I tell you what.  I’ve witnessed many weddings -many beautiful celebrations- but there was something profoundly unique and electric in the way love and grace permeated this week.

MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 9

I am beyond delighted to share this walk through such a glorious day, with such wondrous people.  Missy+Steve, may this christening of a new chapter in your adventures together meet you with 100 fold of the love you share.

MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 4MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 15MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 13MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 10MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 16MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 17MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 11MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 7MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 18MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 25MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 27MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 21MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 22MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 145MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 19MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 24MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 29MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 28MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 23MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 30MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 26MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 20MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 151MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 31MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 32MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 144MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 33MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 34MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 140MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 35MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 36MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 143MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 40MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 41MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 146MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 37MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 38MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 39MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 147MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 42MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 44MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 43MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 45
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MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 5MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 135MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 136

MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 6MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 137MS-Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Kelly-Cameron A 139


I am a boutique wedding and portrait photographer based in Austin, TX.  With a studio in Georgetown, TX, I happily travel Central Texas to serve my brides and clients in San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Galveston and am never shy to hop on a plane for destination weddings.  Interested in booking with me?  Click on the “Contact” button on this website or email me directly at kelly@kellycameron.net  -I look forward to combining fun+photography with you!  If we’re not having fun, what’s the point?

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