Should I Elope In The Summer?

This is Texas.

Summer here can be…unrelenting.  BUT it also has its perks.

20151231 TarynTanner snkpk 28

 {Photos from Taryn+Tanner’s celebration at Vista West Ranch in Austin, TX.}

For those who work with a traditional school schedule (either as a student, in academics or with school-aged children) you have that blessed break in your schedule to plan, celebrate and honeymoon.

Many venues offer discounts for Monday-Thursday weddings (that’s a year-long thing) but may also have off-season pricing for weekend dates during the hot months.  If you’ve had your eye on a traditional wedding location, ask them if they offer such discounts or if they’d be willing to wiggle a bit on the rate for a short, small celebration.

20151231 TarynTanner snkpk 34

Many couples choose to elope in a 3 to 1 month period.  Here’s their conversation,

“Let’s elope.”

“YES!  And we can save the money we would have spent and put it towards the house!”

“Great!  When should we do it?”

“Well, soon.  How about in three months?”

“Sounds good to me.  I love you, Honey.

20151231 TarynTanner snkpk 51

Yes, yes.  That’s how it goes.  Sweet and simple as that.  Of course, afterward the next question is “how in the world do we start to plan our elopement?!” which is where I come in.  Oodles of suggestions and resources here to get the ball rolling -just search in the category tabs and be sure to check out the planning page.

20151231 TarynTanner snkpk 57

With that one to three month window, summer is rather logical.  Your honeymoon allows you to escape the heat, the ceremony is short so you’re not spending 8 hours outside roasting, and you have more flexibility in your -and your vendors- schedules.

Check out other real elopements on this site to get ideas for fun, beautiful and some rather non-traditional locations that will make your elopement simply you -and simply perfect!

20151231 TarynTanner snkpk 33

To book your elopement photography or for further information, zip an email over me at

Congratulations on this beautiful new adventure together!  It would be my delight to capture your love story.


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