What Is An Elopement?

Good question.

20151221 RavenEddie lg 110

Deirdre+Scott’s Austin Elopement

Traditionally, when couples eloped it was tinged with a hint of scandal.  Running away to get hitched without any family or friends involved, just the necessary witnesses and officiant.  I think of Pride & Prejudice -how Mr. Wickham and Lydia ran off with the pretense of eloping to Gretna Green (the nearest place the English could elope to, just across the border into Scotland) yet he had other plans until hard pressed to make an honest woman of her.

Oh, how times have changed.

Modern day elopement have become more about simplicity and less about scandalous rebellion.

Couples I work with want to eliminate all the extra stress, pomp and circumstance, and bloated guest lists put upon them by others’ expectations and stay true to the essence of their love story.

They want something beautiful, in a workable budget and a celebration that allows them to “keep the main thing the main thing.”  LOVE.

Elopements are usually planned between 2 weeks and 4 months, but the great thing about elopements?  There are no rules.  I’ve planned an elopement in 4 days and another with a year and a half.  And each couple has always wanted the same thing: simplicity and to celebrate their way.

When you elope, you call the shots.  Well-meaning loved ones aren’t sharing  opinions or placing restrictions on your wedding.  You can have your pets there (venue willing.) You can have your kids as your bridal party.  You don’t have to tell anyone or you can tell everyone, you are the boss.  Period.  Don’t like cake?  How about a double scoop of your favorite ice cream in a waffle cone?  Don’t like champagne?  Toast with a custom cocktail or strawberry lemonade.  Don’t want to wear white?  Shoot, girl -wear peacock or polka dots in a sweet pair of retro heels.  It’s your opportunity to make it exactly what you dream of.  And if you don’t care a fig about the details and just want to get married, you’re in the right place, too.

Elopements are now custom weddings without the fuss.

Are you ready?

Contact me and we’ll start a conversation.


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